New look for Schoolhouse website

Schoolhouse is delighted (at last!) to reveal its new look website, which is still a work in progress as we complete some sections, add new content and tidy up a few loose ends. Please let us know if you encounter any gremlins!

We have incorporated some exciting (well we think they’re exciting!) new features and hope that the new site will be much more user friendly for members and visitors alike.

Home Education Groups

We now have a searchable directory of home education groups to help new home educators connect with others in their local area. If you would like your group to be listed, you can now add it to our directory, or else just email us the details and we’ll do it for you!

Local Authority Links

If you have any information, reviews or comments to make about a council’s policies, services and general helpfulness (or otherwise) in respect of home education, you’ll now be able to submit them directly to the relevant Local Authority Contacts page on our website. Started in 2009, this is an ongoing ‘Forth Bridge’ project to help us build up an accurate picture of how well (or badly) councils are performing when it comes to informing, supporting and generally dealing with home educators. Our T Team has been tasked with hunting down missing information, identifying ‘named contacts’ (whose shyness is legendary) and publishing all the hidden information as a one stop reference resource for home educators.


Schoolhouse members will be able to access our dedicated members’ forum on the website and our members only group on Facebook.


We will shortly be offering merchandise for sale in our shop, including branded Schoolhouse home education cards and tickets for our events and activities.

20th Anniversary

Schoolhouse will reach the grand old age of 20 in November 2016 and we are planning several events and projects to mark this major milestone. At a time when legislative changes and social policy initiatives are affecting home educators more than ever – not necessarily in a good way – we believe it is time to reflect on our individual and collective contributions, celebrate the diversity of our community and demonstrate the benefits for everyone of freedom of choice in education. To this end, we will be adding a new section to the website to include archived material and details of projects that are currently in the pipeline and that we hope we can bring to fruition with the help of home educators, past present and future.


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