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Is your Local Authority providing accurate information about elective home education?

Schoolhouse is working on its Local Authority contacts list in which it aims to include pages with links to each of the 32 authority websites, their information for parents on home education and their named contacts as required by the Scottish Government guidance.

Some authorities rightly point parents to the statutory guidance and their local policies and procedures are in accordance with it. In some cases, there is little or no information about home education on the council’s website, and in others, there is worryingly inaccurate and misleading information. Astonishingly, a few councils appear still to be using proformas developed by Strathclyde Regional Council which ceased to exist in 1996!

This section of the Schoolhouse website is still a work in progress and we would therefore be grateful to hear from any volunteers who are willing to trawl their local council website for the relevant direct links and send them to us for inclusion – but do check they haven’t already been added!  We would also appreciate anecdotal accounts of families’ experience of contact with their local authorities and how well their policies and practice adhere to the statutory guidance.

If you feel you can help, please send us your findings  and comments using our contact form.


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  1. Hi
    i have got info about conversation with my lea i’d like to get filed somewhere, or even get some relevant comments on.
    please contact me with your ideas about contact. thank you and regards.

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